Big Problems Lie Ahead!

The American economy is becoming unfair. An environmental crisis looms ahead. Changes are needed.  But, We the People have been unable to address these issues.

Many feel our incredible ‘information age’ technology could help us, but wealthy vested interests have exercised their considerable influence over government, making progress difficult. The American people feel shackled to a bad situation.

Accordingly: The economy is unbalanced; Employment opportunities are in check; Our standard of living teeters, mostly backwards. Fossil fuel use and industrial farming has put our health & welfare at great risk. Ever changing weather patterns increasingly complicate food production and water security. World population growth forces us to consider our limits to economic growth. These are serious concerns! Americans are at great risk. We need to confront these issues. We are running out of time.

Bottom line: We really need to look into this, together. We may not be in crisis mode yet, but prudence demands everyone’s attention and common sense dictates action be taken

Many wonderful people and groups are doing all they can all over America to bring understanding to our situation. They work hard to inform and educate the general public. This work is essential, worthy of great praise, and must continue.

But to effectively confront the serious economic/environmental problems we face, a resonance must rise up amongst us. We must all pull together to solve these problems. It’s that big a deal. We’re talking about at a Revolutionary or World War II type effort here. Is that easy? No. Think about it. Even amongst like-minded people, agreement on particulars can be difficult. People with huge vested interests simply want to protect what they have. Some Americans won’t sacrifice for change until others do. Some Americans just don’t understand what’s at stake. Others don’t care. So, collectively, it’s extremely difficult for Americans to pull together. That’s just the way it is.

And then there’s the time factor. Even if we start working together soon, there may not be enough time to make things right. Can we make changes quickly enough to avoid a huge crisis?

It seems we Americans could be like frogs…in a big pan of luke warm water…on a stove…being heated slowly. By the time we ‘think-hot’, and ‘think-jump’… it could be too late. We can’t jump into action! We’re cooked! And just like those frogs in a pan, we Americans could be boiled alive before we have a chance to jump into action. The rapid rate of economic/environmental change evolving around us may make it impossible for us to adapt quickly enough, even with our technology.

Bottom line: ‘We-the-People” must think ahead, be collectively smart, jump into action quickly, or possibly face brutal consequences.

What we face goes way beyond concern for Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or business profits. This is about something much more basic than that. This is a whole new mega-version of mankind’s oldest challenge… how do we make a living? How do we secure good food-water-shelter and the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity?

Bottom line:  We have a moral responsibility to rebuild our economy and  leave behind an environment capable of supporting future generations!

We need an immediate reckoning. We need to collectively confront our fate, now. We need to understand this is a unique situation in human history. We must understand the past may no longer be a reliable guide for the future. Mankind has never faced such a devistating situation before, except maybe the potential nuclear holocaust. If we wait for ‘market forces’ to put things right, it may be too late. We could be ‘cooked’.

As individuals and as a nation, we need to plot our current position, decide where we are going, make a plan, and proceed. This is serious business. Vested interests must be considered, but we must be smart and careful, and open-minded. Our eyes must meet the horizon from time to time as we travel down this road together. Common sense must be applied. Careful use of capital is called for. Changes in life-style may be necessary. Some changes will be dictated by individual judgements, while other changes will have to be coordinated between us as we reconfirm our shared values through our democracy.

But first, ‘we-the-people’ must gather together and forge a plan between us. We need a plan that makes sense to everyone. That’s not happening right now. That’s just the way it is.

So, how do we Americans move on down the road at this critical point in history? How do we face the new world order? How do we make the difficult choices required to face our new world circumstances? How do we promote the general welfare for Americans today as well as secure the blessings of liberty for future generations? Many wonderful people & organizations are trying to figure this out, but nothing is fully resonating between us.

Bottom line: We need to figure this out, now, together, as soon as possible!